Service Users Charter

Patient Charter Rights and Responsibilities

Our philosophy at is to provide exceptional care standards to all of our service users. This is one of service and an acknowledgement of the holistic needs of service users not just that of a clinical nature but that which includes the psychological, social, emotional and spiritual perspectives

The philosophy of care is reflected in our charter

We commit to provide Care: To the best possible standards and in a timely and efficient manner. We aim to ensure the care you are provided with is within a safe and secure environment.
1. To be treated with dignity with his or her privacy respected
2. To receive care that is respectful of the person their home and their family
3. To be treated without exploitation, abuse, neglect or discrimination

Communication: We will ensure that your personal information and confidentiality is respected, and any documentation about you care is kept secure and maintained. Each Service User has the right

  • To be given a copy of this charter
  • To be helped understand any information which is given to you
  • To be informed and involved in decisions about your homecare service
  • To have a person of your choice speak on your behalf regarding your care if required

Patient Education:

  • Every service user can expect to receive information on how service works along with our service user guide
  • All service users are entitled to contact at any point if they have any queries in relation to their care service

Feedback- Your feedback is important to us:

  • Each service user at some point will be asked for feedback on their homecare experience. This will usually be requested at least twice per year. This is an opportunity for you as the service user to voice your thoughts on and its service which will assist us as your provider to shape the best possible service for your needs

Complaints- Rights:

  • If you feel you need to complain about any aspect of your homecare service, you should contact your homecare provider. The details of which are in your care folder. We as your service provider have a responsibility to pass on any concerns you have regarding clinical care to your medical team.
  • Every Service user has the right to comment on the service they receive
  • The right to have complaints investigated fairly and with confidentiality, including appropriate steps taken to resolve any issues or concerns

Service User Responsibilities:

  • To respect the rights of the homecare worker to their human, legal and workplace rights including the right to work in a safe environment
  • To treat homecare workers without abuse, exploitation discrimination or harassment
  • To acknowledge that his or her needs may change and to negotiate changes and review in conjunction with the care provider
  • To Abide by the terms of the written homecare agreement
  • To accept responsibility for his or her own actions and choices even though some actions and choices may involve an element of risk
  • To provide enough information to assist us as the homecare provider to develop deliver and review your care plan
  • To advise us as the homecare provider and staff providing care of any problems with care provision and services
  • To allow safe and reasonable access for homecare workers at the times specified in his or her care plan
  • To provide reasonable notice if her or she does not require homecare services to be provided on a particular day