Turning your retirement years in to your Golden Years

 Turning your retirement years in to your

Golden Years

There comes a stage in life when we will all need to hang up our boots and admit it’s time for retirement. Avoid letting this time slip away, turn your retirement into the time you want. You can now  finally achieve all...

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Vizier AAL Project

Vizier strives to improve the lives of the elderly by providing them with the tools to live longer independently. A commercially viable “open architecture” solution will be designed and developed to offer an intuitive and elderly friendly interface for utilising popular modern online services, as well as innovative and affordable Internet of Things (IoT)...
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Helping the Elderly this Christmas

Our Guidelines for Helping an Elderly Friend, Neighbour or Relative this Christmas 

Elderly person Christmas decorating

Tackling Loneliness among the Elderly at Christmas 

Christmas is about love and joy and spending time with family and friends but it can be extremely difficult for elderly people as it...
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Avoid Colds and Flu This Winter

Follow our tips and Avoid Colds and Flu This Winter 

Exercising to avoid colds and flu

Avoid Colds and Flu

It is not always possible to Avoid Colds and Flu but there are ways of reducing your risk of becoming infected this winter. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle...
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