Mission Statement

“To deliver the highest quality of safe person centred care, meeting each service user’s individual needs using a holistic approach in accordance with the National Standards of Safer Better Healthcare…..”


  • To provide the highest possible standards of care to the service users for whom we are responsible and to achieve this in a reliable and consistent manner
  • To recognise that the service user is part of a family and that we always have a duty to meet the needs of the whole family and to address their worries and concerns.
  • To recognise that families come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and therefore to consider and to respect the varying cultural attitudes which we may encounter
  • To recognise that we are always all part of a multi – disciplinary team and maintain excellent levels of communication with other healthcare professionals and social services
  • To maintain accurate record keeping at each attendance with each service user
  • To respect the needs and wishes of the service user and to recognise that in allowing us to care for them and to invite us into their home to do so, so we are granted a privilege which we will always respect

Approved by: Declan Murphy, CEO

Date: May 2014