Looking Good Means Feeling Good

If you look good, you generally feel good, too. However, when people are depressed, personal hygiene and grooming are often the first daily activities to fall by the wayside. This can lead to a vicious circle in which the depressed person sinks even lower due to a negative self-image.

As aging fingers lose their flexibility, and as arthritis or other aging-related ailments rob us of our former strength, the simple act of dressing and grooming can prove more and more difficult. Helping your elder look and smell fresh everyday can be a great boost to her self-esteem. However, when an elder is totally dependent on someone else to keep her clean and well-dressed, she can experience a deep loss of independence, so be sure to offer assistance for as long as possible, rather than taking over the work for her.

The comments above also apply to caregivers. While you are busy taking care of your elder’s physical needs, don’t forget about yourself. To keep up your own spirits, it’s important that you take the time to pamper yourself. Book a day of respite care and treat yourself to a spa, or simply lounge in a bubble bath and listen to your favorite radio station.

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