Reablement – Supporting You on Your journey to return to independence

Our reablement programmes are centred around the needs of ’you’, our client and how best we can support you in regaining strength and confidence to return to your maximum independence and remain living at home.

The reablement programmes last usually up to 6 weeks and are completed in your own home.

Description of  Reablement Service

This service is based on a client centred approach delivered in accordance with best practice. This model is centred on delivering a specific program to re-able the client with the skills to perform everyday activities of living within a given timeframe (up to 6 weeks).


The initial assessment is completed by the occupational therapist and an intensive reablement programme with specific targets is put in place with regular reviews on the client’s progress.

To work in collaboration with all the stakeholders to design and deliver a patient centred reablement programme which will enable the client to achieve the best outcomes and reduce the cost of long term homecare.

A UK Department of Health study in 2007 found that up to 68% of people no longer needed a home care package after a period of reablement and up to 48% continued not to need home care two years later.

Who is reablement for?

Are you recovering from an illness following a brief stay in hospital?

Finding everyday tasks becoming more and more difficult?

Our programmes are designed to work with you in your own home to provide one-to-one short-term health,  social care and support. The aim of this service to help you regain your confidence and ability to perform everyday tasks by following a programme of individually agreed goals.

Step by Step approach to reablement

  1. Receive referral
  2. Case manager to liaise with client, family and allied health professionals
  3. Occupational therapist assessment completed
  4. Reablement plan agreed with all stakeholders
  5. Re-ablers appointed to case and MDT scheduled over the 6 week period
  6. Weekly review by Case Manager
  7. Final outcome assessment (6 week) with Case manager, client, family carers and long term care coordinator (PHN)
  8. Long term plan put in place.

The Team

This is a multidisciplinary team led approach to delivering a therapeutic programme within a given time frame.

reablement multidisciplinary team with

Finding the right programme for You

The occupational therapist on the team will meet with you and your family to design a programme that best suits your needs and will support you in getting back on your feet. The programme will be based around agreed goals. This program will assist you in adapting to changes in your ability to carry out certain tasks.

Each programme is designed to support you in carrying out everyday activities of daily living and practical tasks ranging from washing & dressing to making a cup of tea.

All our team is specifically trained to provide physical and emotional support to you to help you complete the programme.

Our team leader will review your progress weekly to ensure that your needs are being fully met. At the end of the 6 weeks a final assessment will be completed.