Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care and Psychiatric Home Care Services

“Being There” provides comprehensive, specialised mental health home care and companionship services for clients with mental health and psychiatric disorders who require individual support in order to live in non-institutional settings, or who require qualified companions to accompany them on outings.

The team works under the directive of the community psychiatric team.  The activities of the mental health care team focuses on providing supportive companionship, encouragement and an empathic ear to help clients remember and use the tools they have learned in the course of their treatment.

They also provide shift-by-shift documentation, and communicate regularly with the mental health care manager and other members of the community psychiatric care team. They do not provide psycho-therapy.

 Community Psychiatric Carer

  • Assist in researching and arranging recreational, educational or vocational activities as appropriate to the client’s interests and condition.
  • Meet with the client before, during or after their work-day.
  • Accompany the client to professional or social events, and for business or leisure travel.
  • Transport clients to and from day treatment, doctors appointments, etc..
  • Provide all customary assistance with activities of daily living, errands, light housekeeping and meal preparation if required.
  • Provide medication reminders so that clients take medications as prescribed.

Community Psychiatric Nurses

  • Support and listen to the clients needs, providing the client with practical advice and support.
  • Acting as an advocate when requested by client
  • Administer prescribed medication and monitoring effects
  • Refer to other members of team
  • Provide counselling to the client
  • May act as a key worker – co-ordinating client’s care