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Child Care Act 1991

Children First Act

Equality 2004 Act

Disability Act 2005

Mental Health Act 2001

Non Fatal Against the Persons Act 1997

Quality and Fairness 2011 Act

Trust in Care Policy 2005 Act

Vision for change Act


MRSA Policy

Administration of Controlled Drugs in the Community Policy

Managing Children with Healthcare Needs in the Community Policy

Consent Policy

Oral Suction Policy

Policy & Procedure for Safe Disposal of Sharps

Wound Management Policy

Prevention & Management of a Blocked PEG Tube

Policy & Procedure on Care of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy

Policy & Procedure on Administration of Food & Medication via Percutaneous Endoscopic

O2 Therapy Policy and Procedure

Medication Management

Challenging Behaviour Policy

Adult Protection Policy

Caring for clients with Dementia

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Elder Abuse Policy

Falls Prevention Policy

Health Safety Policy

Health Safety Policy 2

Infection Prevention and Control

Lone Worker Policy

Manual Handling Policy

Medication Management Policy

Policy for the Management of Complaints

Policy on Challenging Behavior

Policy on Preventing Food Poisoning

Policy on Protecting Service Users Money and Property

Policy on Protection of Children

Policy on Withdrawal of Services

Smoking Policy

Supervision of Staff

Training and Development Policy

Uniform Personal Hygiene Policy