Home Care Services in Ireland

Home Care Services in Ireland

Each client has their own needs and requirements which is why we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Our tailor-made home care services and packages cover a wide range of services from basic home help and befriending to advanced nursing care and supported hospital discharge. We offer premium Domiciliary Care, Palliative Care, Disability Care, Respite Care and Paediatric Care services.

Our home care service doesn't stop at providing nurses or carers. The myhomecare.ie Clinic can offer routine medical services such as vaccinations or pharmacy delivery in the comfort of your own home. We also work with medical practitioners and suppliers to provide a wide range of supportive solutions such as home adaptations, essential medical supplies and partnership with your primary care team.

So if you are looking for someone to assist you with shopping, accompany you to church or if you are looking for a comprehensive 24 hour care package for a loved one, call us today.

To download a selection of our brochures in PDF format please click any of the following links:

home care packages | premium home care services | alzheimers care packages

paediatric care packages | mental health care packages | disability care packages

Call now on Freephone 1800 400 900 to talk to a homecare coordinator.

Click on the links below to find out more about some of the specialised Home Care Services we offer.

Home Care Services in Ireland

  • Reablement


    Reablement programs with myhomecare.ie are centred around the needs of ’you’, our client and how best we can support you...

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  • Tracheostomy Home Care

    Tracheostomy Home Care

    At myhomecare.ie we understand that there is nothing more important than your child’s well being. Therefore we provide premium Tracheostomy...

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  • Respite Care

    Respite Care

    The myhomecare.ie team can provide premium Respite Care services for you and your loved ones. This entails providing any level...

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  • Paediatric Care

    Paediatric Care

    We provide premium paediatric care services to children with both special needs and special care requirements throughout Ireland. myhomecare.ie...

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  • Palliative Care

    Palliative Care

    We provide a premium Palliative Care service which aims to provide the best quality of life possible for a terminally...

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  • Home Care Support Services

    Home Care Support Services

    As part of our holistic approach myhomecare.ie offer a number of home care support services designed to make it easier...

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  • Prenatal and Postnatal Help

    Prenatal and Postnatal Help

    myhomecare.ie provides a premium Prenatal and Postnatal Home Help service which covers domiciliary cleaning and midwifery care. ...

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  • Pharmacy Medication Services

    Pharmacy Medication Services

    Our fully qualified pharmacy medication services dispensing team are here to ensure that your medicines are dispensed accurately....

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  • Oncology Care

    Oncology Care

    We provide specialised Oncology Care carers and nurses to assist individuals with cancer and their families. A member of our...

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  • Mental Health Care

    Mental Health Care

    myhomecare.ie provides comprehensive, specialised mental health care and companionship services for clients....

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  • Chronic Illness Management

    Chronic Illness Management

    The myhomecare.ie team of nurses and carers help to teach clients and families chronic illness management strategies which can...

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  • 24 Hour Care

    24 Hour Care

    Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will provide 24 hour care for an unlimited period in your own home. 24...

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  • Diabetes Care

    Diabetes Care

    Diabetes Care from myhomecare.ie can provide support and help for you or your loved one that has been newly diagnosed...

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  • Disability Care

    Disability Care

    Here at Myhomecare.ie we are committed to providing a professional disability care service to support and promote independent living in...

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  • Assisted Living

    Assisted Living

    At myhomecare.ie we have over 15 years experience in working within the community. We are very aware of how your...

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