Disability Care

“Promoting Independence for people with the need for disability care”

Here at myhomecare.ie we are committed to providing a professional disability care service to support and promote independent living in clients own home and the wider community. We provide a service to all individuals who may suffer with a disability whether it is physical, mental, emotional, sensory development etc.

We feel it is important to note that when a person has a disability, the quality of their lives can be determined by a number of factors.

  1. The Nature of the disability
  2. The person’s adaptation to their disability
  3. The level of support that they receive from their family
  4. How society views and responds to the disability
  5. Through studies of our own home care coordinator, the effects of leisure participation on the individual’s life satisfaction.

At myhomecare.ie we have homecare coordinators available who are experienced in different areas of disability care. A holistic disability care plan will be made on the initial assessment (free consultation)  to determine what works best for the individual client. A HCA (Homecare Assistant) will be carefully matched to you the service user and your needs. Your HCA can provide support in all areas whether it is emotional, social, daily activities etc. We feel it is important to note that all HCA’s at myhomecare.ie are qualified with a Fetac Level 5 certificate in Health Support or equivalent and are all fully Garda vetted before commencing employment in clients home.

The 3 primary principals that we work from are in the context of the social model, Hennessy (2002) are:

Self Determination

A process that differs uniquely from different clients according to what each client and family member determines is necessary and desirable to create a satisfying and personally meaningful life for the client. Self-determination is both person-centered and person-directed and acknowledges the rights of people with the need for disability care to take control and responsibility of their own lives.

This is concerned with taking part in activities. Community participation would aim towards active involvement with other community members i.e. groups and organizations, not just in ordinary activities but also in active decision making that will directly relate to the clients own lives. This is aimed to increase each person’s confidence and enable them to take part in activities they enjoy and have interest in.

We aim to provide power to people with the need for disability care so that they can directly control their own lives rather than our care workers doing this on their behalf.

Disability Care Services

For a full list of disability care services provided by the HSE please visit HSE Disability Services.