National Nursebuddy Day

National Nursebuddy Day – November 9th

What is Nursebuddy

Nursebuddy is an easy to use Care System developed with Carers and Care Co-ordinators that provides:

  • Secure Cloud Based Care Management Software
  • Case Distribution and Rostering Software
  • Automatic Timing and Attendance Verification
  • Easy to use mobile reporting
  • Billing, Payroll and Financial Reporting

What does Nursebuddy mean to you?

How will I get paid?

Nursebuddy is a simple way to record time in attendance at a clients home. After installing the app and being assigned your username from your booking agent you will have full access to your work roster. When you are scheduled to attend a clients house you simply log in to the app on your mobile device. Your schedule for that day will be presented in list format. Click in to the client that you are attending to. To record your time in attendance simply click the button that says Start Visit. This will record a time and location stamp of your mobile device to confirm you are in attendance with the client. When you are finished you rostered shift simple open the app up your mobile device, click into the client shift and click the button that says End & Save. Your client visit record will then be outputted at the end of each week and imported into our in-house payroll system. By using Nursebuddy you no longer have to submit paper based time-sheets.

If I have a query on Nursebuddy, who do I contact?

Please Telephone the Bookings team on 1800 400 900 or email

If there is no reception in my area how do I clock in?

If there is no reception in the clients home please make sure you log in to the app before entering the area of no reception. Once you log in to the app you will then have offline access where you can carry out all functions as normal. When your mobile device recognises that it is back in an area of reception it will then proceed to update any data recorded during offline access.

When do I get paid?

There is no change to the payroll date.

Do I still have the same payroll id

Yes your payroll ID  will stay the same. This will not change.

What is the last day to submit time-sheets?

After November 13th 2015 You are no longer required to submit paper time-sheets. To ensure you will get paid for all rostered shifts you must use the app to record your time in attendance in all client visits.