Family Halloween Safety Tips Seniors, Parents and Children

Family Halloween Safety Tips 

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SeniorsParents and Children.

Here at myhomecare we love to celebrate Halloween and that is why we want you to have the best Halloween possible this year. It can however be  a chaotic and stressful time of year for many with people dressed in costumes, trick – or – treaters, parties, fireworks among other things. That’s why we have put together a list of top tips to make sure you and your family get the most out of your Halloween without having to worry.

Below is details of our ‘Family Halloween safety tips Seniors, Parents and Children.’


The brighter the better:

Keep you home well lit during the night, with both interior and exterior lights. Although a dark home will discourage trick- or-treaters from knocking on your door, it can also attract other unwanted company. Vandals may see a dark home and presume it’s empty.


When entertaining trick- or- treaters avoid individuals entering your home if alone. If someone asks to use the bathroom or for a glass of water, don’t feel pressured, you can say   ‘NO’. It is your home, you decide who is invited inside.

Friends and family:

If you are living alone and feeling anxious about Halloween, invite family or friends to drop by and visit for a couple of hours. If possible, stay overnight with a friend or relative.

Pet safety:

keep pets indoors if possible on Halloween night, fireworks and noise can scare pets, especially dogs. They also provide another level of security if you are home alone.

Safety while driving :

If you plan to drive on Halloween, be extra mindful of children crossing the road. Children get very excited on Halloween and pay less attention when crossing roads. Drive slow through busy streets, roads and housing estates, be on the lookout for children in dark costumes.


Children supervision:

Younger Children trick- or – treating should be accompanied by adults at all times.

Children’s costumes:

If possible avoid dark coloured costumes on younger children. Prevent accidents by making sure costumes are fitted correctly and not too long. Add reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see children.

Trick – or –Treat Route:

If you are not accompanying your child trick – or – treating, plan out their route with them, what time they will start and what time you expect them back.

Halloween Party: 

If you want to avoid your younger children from trick – or –treating throw a Halloween party. Invite friends and neighbours to come in costumes and get them involved in Halloween party games, in no time they will forget all about trick – or – treating.

Good Meal:

Give your children a nutritious meal before trick – or – treating. This will help reduce the amount of snacking and sweets they will eat later.


If you are holding a fireworks display at your home or visiting a friends, make sure you know where children are at all times.  Under no circumstance should children be allowed to play with fireworks. Light fireworks in an open outdoor area, avoid lighting near dry grass or foliage.


Road safety :

Look both ways before crossing the roads.

Brightly lit houses :

Only go to homes that are well lit and carry a flash light.

Sweets and Treats: 

Do not eat opened sweets or treats, be aware if you have food allergies. If you are unsure about a treat, don’t eat it!

Be aware of strangers:

Only accept sweets and treats from the front door of someone’s home.

Contact details:

Attach your parents contact number and address to inside of costumes and treat bags. If you don’t have a mobile carry some spare change for emergency phone call.

Conscious of elderly:

Be conscious of the elderly at home alone, Halloween can make seniors anxious and nervous. If you know elderly people live in a house nearby, keep noise levels to a minimum.

Respect for others:

If you knock at a door and nobody answers then leave peacefully, not everyone celebrates Halloween.Happy Halloween pic






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