World Sepsis Day Support

Sepsis Facts

Every three heartbeats, someone dies of sepsis. In the developing world, sepsis accounts for 60-80% of childhood deaths. Those who survive, both adults and children, often struggle with life. It’s our goal to reduce the incidence of sepsis by 20% by 2020.

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The team at fully support World Sepsis Day and would like to take the time to highlight the fantastic work being done internationally to combat and prevent this infection. For full details on World Sepsis Day please visit

We are also delighted to announce that we are supporting Our Lady of Lourdes on their information day on World Sepsis Day.

How to prevent Sepsis

Sepsis is always caused by an infection, most often by bacteria, but sometimes by fungi or protozoa (such as malaria). That means that preventing infection is one of the best ways to prevent sepsis.
For centuries, our natural immune system has served to protect us from severe infections.

Sanitation and clean delivery.

Insufficient hygiene conditions in resource-poor areas for giving birth, treating wounds, and in healthcare facilities in general are a tremendous problem. In some parts of the world, unsanitary facilities or contaminated water cause severe infections in the digestive system, which often end in a deadly case of sepsis. That’s why one of our key starting points is the promotion of hand hygiene and good general hygiene practices, clean deliveries, improvements in sanitation and nutrition, the delivery of clean water, as well as vaccination programs for patient populations at risk in resource-poor areas.


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