Tracheostomy Home Care

Tracheostomy Home Care

Tracheostomy Home Care at We understand that there is nothing more important than your child’s well being. Therefore we provide Tracheostomy home care from 2 hours up to 24 hours.

“Caring for your little one”

Tracheostomy Services

We provide premium community care services to children with both special needs and special care requirements throughout Ireland. also specialises in the provision of community care to infants and children with a tracheostomy nationwide.

Tracheotomy Home Care
Highly skilled team providing specialised care packages under the directive of the community care team.

The Team
The team consists of healthcare professionals. All our nurses are highly qualified in the care of children and will receive ongoing training on all new clinical practices and procedures.

You will also have the opportunity to meet each member of the team that will work with your child and family and each member of team will be carefully selected to meet your child’s specific care needs.

Our nurses are proud of their reputation as highly skilled, paediatric home care providers.

Examples of our Care

  • 3 month baby with tracheostomy and peg feed.
  • Toddler with tracheostomy secondary to lung disease and has diabetic encephalopathy, on a peg feed for same.
  • 2 year old with heart problem.  Had a NG tube fitted, it is now removed so has to be watched when feeding.
  • Baby born with Zellweger Syndrome, prone to seizers.
  • 2 year old child with tracheostomy, currently on NIPI ventilator.

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